NFT project in to fight against discrimination towards LGBT people in Turkey

Make Difference, own a piece of "kindness"


Who We Are

Our Purpose

We are bunch of queer artist gathered to help people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation in where we are from; Turkey.


Our Plan

There will be 7 NFT's in total,

6 NFT of every colour in the flag as a pixel.

A 6x6 pixel flag. NFT

The owner of the flag NFT will have their name on the LGBT organization we plan to built, here; in Turkey.

We will stay in contact with all 7 owners of the NFTS take their opinions about our decisions. 

7 NFTS: 7 Votes

Pride Parade

To protect!

Pride Flag

To educate!

Group Portrait of Queer Friends

"Every man is guilty of all 
the good he didn't do."



Contact Us

(+90) 212 234 56 78

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Lesbian Couple with Baby